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Q:What is the purpose of
Ans :The website has been launched as a platform to voice the public opinion and their experiences while dealing with private or government departments or institutions.

Q:What will be the benefit of using the platform of ipaidbribe?
Ans:The website is a way to highlight the corrupt practices, which have now become the part of system. This will allow you to contribute in eliminating this evil and informing the concerned authorities to take measures accordingly.

Q:Is it safe to post my bribe story on the site? Wouldn't it involve risk factor?
Ans :No, our system has been developed in such a way that the detailed information regarding the person who is posting his bribe story will not be made public and is confidential between the user and the site moderators.

Q:Can I post a story with my identity hidden?
Ans :There is no harm in showing your identity as our privacy policy is safe and secure, if you feel so, you can hide your identity or use superficial names and characters, however other details should be clear and factual.

Q:Can I post an old corruption story of mine?
Ans :It has been recommended to post latest and most recent story. This will increase the opportunity of taking practical measures accordingly.